Writing and Editing Services Amy Imae

Amy Sorter, Principal

Looking for that perfect  turn of phrase for your blog? Interested in nailing the right tone for your website? Need your data-heavy content to become an infographic and visual masterpiece?

Turn it over to Amy.

An award-winning journalist and expert copywriter, Amy's knack for asking the right questions means your polished content has the right message and look for the audience with which you want to communicate.

Amy is . . .:

  • An experienced journalist and copywriter who develops content adhering to your specifications

  • Knowledgeable in desktop publishing and design software, allowing you flexibility to present information in various formats.

  • Expert in building rapport, giving you content developed in your voice and style.. 

Give her a shout at amy@wordsorters.com

Interesting Stuff About Amy

  • Is a produced playwright and published novelist 

  • Dabbles in theater; she serves on the board of Southwest Reprise Theater in Fort Worth, where she also acts and directs

  • Is a licensed ham radio operator. Her call sign is KG5WRM