’Tis the Season to be Blogging

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We’re in the final month of 2018, and your schedule is likely packed with parties, shopping and family. In the midst of the merriment, the question comes up. To blog or not to blog?

The answer is: Yes, but not as you usually do.

Website traffic does drop during the holidays. However, readers might still check out your website or social media platform. This is why we suggest to clients that they not drop into radio silence, and continue posting.

But holiday-season blogs should differ from the usual in the following ways.

They should be relevant. Yes, blogs should always be relevant, but relevance is especially important at this time of year. This means going beyond posting a “happy holidays” message on your website or social media platform, and focusing on appealing topics.

For example:

  • Financial/wealth managers could provide important end-of-year tax information

  • Commercial real estate office brokers could offer property management insights for the holiday season, when not many people will be around

  • Insurance company owners could provide forecasts and trends

Anything about stress avoidance, with a business twist, usually wins hearts and minds

In short, know what your readers need at this time of year.

They should be short. And sweet. In general, blogs should fall between 600-700 words. At this time of year, your readers’ attention spans are almost non-existent. Keep sentences and paragraphs short and snappy, while using plenty of bullets. This blog you are reading? Less than 450 words, including the call to action.

They should be written -- and posted -- in advance. Yes, this blog is live, two weeks after Thanksgiving. And, yes, Hanukkah has begun. But, if you’re planning a year-end blog, write, approve and schedule it NOW, before your staff skedaddles for the holidays.

They should include a call to action. All content should have a call to action. But putting in a “contact us” blurb, complete with some kind of special code (“Mention ‘Christmas’ for your free consultation!”) or a “click here for more information before the year runs out!” in your holiday-specific blog can help measure response to your posts -- and determine what to do next year.

Basically, the holiday season doesn’t mean blog hibernation. Well-crafted, short and snappy articles have the power to engage your audience, in between the eggnog, shopping gridlock and present-wrapping. Happy holidays!

Get in touch with The WordSorters for help with holiday blogs. Or help with blogs at any time of year, for that matter.

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