Which Social Media Should You Use?

It's been mentioned, more than once, that social media is coming into its own during COVID-19. People are, for the most part, homebound, and want something to look at. It's also been mentioned that social media is a great way to promote businesses. But, what is the best social media platform to help get your message out there?

Determining an answer to this question requires -- as mentioned in a previous WordSorters blog -- knowing your audience and being realistic about your resources, among other things.

The infographic, below, can also help, by showing what percentage of U.S. adults engage with which social media platforms. This doesn't mean you should immediately dash out and hire a production company to create videos for YouTube, simply because the folks at Pew Research found out that more than 90% of younger adults adults surveyed engage with that social media outlet. But such information can provide a good starting point, as you determine your social media strategy both during the coronavirus pandemic, and in the aftermath.

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